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  the paths to the sanctuaries of the cinque terre
  The Sanctuary of the Monterosso
  The Sanctuary of Soviore  
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The Sanctuaries

The Sanctuary of Soviore (Monterosso)
Our Lady of Reggio (Vernazza)
Saint Bernardino (Corniglia)

Our Lady of Health (Manarola)
The Sanctuary of Montenero (Riomaggiore)


Santuario di soviore monterosso

la guida dei santuari
The Sanctuary of Soviore (Sanctuary of Monterosso)
The Sanctuary is about four kilometres from Monterosso. It is possible to arrive by car but it is much more impressive to arrive by way of the footpath from the village.
This sanctuary, dedicated to Our Lady of Soviore, is situated on a plateau overlooking the valley of Levanto to the west and to Vernazza towards the east. A legend narrates that this structure was built on the site of the ancient hamlet of Albareto. The actual Sanctuary is a long structure, covered with pink intonaco, the church is composed of one nave and four lateral chapels. The walls are covered with naif style frescoes that portray episodes of the history of this hamlet.
Albareto was brutally ravaged during the invasion of the Longobards in 641, forcing its inhabitants to flee towards the coast. These are therefore believed to be the first settlers of Monterosso. The legend also mentions that before escaping, the inhabitants buried a precious statue sculpted in hard wood and painted with bright colours.
This statue was a Pietà, portraying the body of Christ on the lap of his mother Mary after the crucifixion. It was only one hundred years later, in 740, that the statue was found, only to disappear once more. It reappeared later on the branch of a chestnut tree and it was there that the first chapel of the Sanctuary was built. The Church originally Romanesque in style, as is proven by the arched portal, was amplified in the 14th century with the addition of the presbytery, the chorus and sacristy, all constructed in the Ligurian/Pisan gothic style.
In the year 996 the Emprorer Ottone III while on his way to Rome, was a guest in the Sanctuary. Today this structure is a hostel and restaurant available to pilgrims or tourists walking the paths to the sanctuaries of the Cinque Terre.



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